Inside Out Youth Services— The Simple Act of Giving

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With the pandemic in full force, society saw a dim light cast upon some circles in which the ethics of humanity weren’t portrayed in the brightest of colors. From hoarding to the self-willed dismissal of safety standards, human rights conflicts, and historical upheaval, the world inched far too close to the edge of destruction. Here at Stella&Asher shop, we have made a commitment to shine where we can and give back where we’re able. Each month we highlight an outstanding charity and donate a percentage of our proceeds in an attempt to show thanks for all they do, and of course, contribute to a commendable cause in need.

This June we couldn’t be more proud to support Inside Out Youth Services— a foundation geared towards promoting mental health and overall wellness among today’s youth. Through hard work and community building, IOYS strives to “build power, access, and equity for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults through education, advocacy, community building, peer support, and leadership.” Through these efforts, the charity and selfless acts of IOYS have helped fuel the better side of humanity while creating a safe haven for our younger generations. But it wasn’t always easy…

When Regina Dipadova founded Inside Out in the early ’90s, her leap of faith was strong but the awareness of the challenges ahead was stronger. At a time when Colorado Springs was enduring a crisis, with family values crumbling and prejudice at an all-time high, the colorful community had earned a reputation as the city of hate. Discrimination aside, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning (LGBTIQ) youth in the Pike’s Peak region were at a high risk of substance abuse, mental health issues, excess school dropouts, homelessness, and suicide. Together with Dipadova and Inside Out’s services, the city came together to make a change. Now, the needs of those struggling, lost, or opposed, are being lifted up through various programs in which students have access to mentors, counseling, support groups, outdoor sports and other recreational activities.

Since then, IOYS has flourished into a nonprofit organization which has greatly helped to expand its influence. The foundation continues to achieve success in protecting the LGBTQ+ youth while promoting positivity, good health, education, and support throughout the greater El Paso County region. We want to thank Inside Out Youth Services for all they’ve done.

To learn more about the community’s amazing efforts, check out the IOYS website at

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