Permanent Jewelry FAQ

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What is "Permanent Jewelry"?

Permanent Jewelry are bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings that are custom fit and then welded onto you without a clasp.

Because the jewelry is welded on, it does not have a clasp and therefore will "permanently" stay on (or until you decide to remove it).


Does it hurt?

No, it's a quick process that is fun and totally painless! We use a micro-welder to join the two ends of your chain or jump ring without a clasp and we ensure you're safe and comfortable at all times.


How long will my Permanent Jewelry actually last?

Your pieces will stay on for as long as you'd like! If for some reason you would like to remove your jewelry, simply cut the chain and save it if you'd like us to re-weld it in the future.


Do I need an appointment to get Permanent Jewelry?

Yes, you need to book an advance reservation to hold your spot, but I can sometimes accommodate you same day. Please schedule your appointment here or call us at 831-324-5428 for same day availability.


Where is your studio?

Stella&Asher Shop operates out of our home studio in the quaint Mountain Shadows area of Colorado Springs. 


How long does it take to get Permanent Jewelry?

Each appointment window is for 30 minutes, but most of that is to accommodate design time so that you can customize your jewelry and pick out any additions you’d like. The actual welding process takes less than a minute once your design is ready. On average, appointments last from 15-25 minutes.


What are the prices?

We offer a gorgeous selection of 14K Gold-Filled, and .925 Sterling Silver chains in both Standard and Deluxe options.

Solid gold chain options are available upon request. 

All additional charms, connectors, or clasps are individually priced.

View all of our rates and options here.


How many pieces of PJ can I get during my appointment?

We can weld up to three pieces on the same person during one appointment slot. If you would like to get more than three pieces, you will need to book two appointments for yourself.


How many people can be seen during one appointment?

Each person needs to have their own appointment. For group appointments, contact Stephanie at to book.


Do you offer group discounts?

I will gladly offer a 10% discount for parties of 6 or more. Please send me an email at so I can ensure I have your desired chain styles in stock.


Can I hire you for my next event?

Absolutely, I would love to help you celebrate your special event with a permanent jewelry party! Birthdays, bachelorettes, weddings, corporate events, you name it! Please reach out to me at to get more information.


Can I give permanent jewelry as a gift?

Certainly! I would recommend purchasing a gift card for the desired amount here.


I'm a minor, can I get Permanent Jewelry?

I'm happy to weld a permanent bracelet, anklet, or necklace on anyone over the age of 10. Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


What should I do if I need to remove my Permanent Jewelry?

You can simply cut the jump ring used to weld the chain together with a nail clipper or sharp household scissors. Save it all in a safe place to be re-welded again whenever you’re ready.


What if I need to get an X-ray or MRI?

We recommend that you speak with your doctor and ask if you will need to remove you permanent jewelry during your X-ray or MRI appointment. 

Many clients have not been required to remove their permanent jewelry but that is up to the discretion of your doctor.

If you are required to remove your permanent jewelry, simply cut the jump ring and store everything including the jump ring in a zip-lock bag. We will gladly re-weld it on you for free whenever you would like to put it back on.


What happens if it breaks or gets lost?

We ensure your piece is fully welded on you and there are no issues with the chain on the day of your appointment.

If enough pressure is applied to the chain or if it gets caught somewhere, the chain can break (which you want it to for safety).

We don't offer replacements on broken or lost pieces. If your piece is lost you will need to purchase a replacement.


Do you offer repairs or adjustments?

We will first inspect the chain before re-welding it on you and make sure there are no issues with your chain.

Repairs start at $10+ but if the integrity of the chain has been compromised or if it has overstretched then you will need to purchase a new chain.

Get in touch with us at if you need a repair or have questions about one.

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