From Moonstones To Sea Pearls

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As the seasons slip from spring to summer and the world emerges from a long year of social hibernation, the month of June embraces the sparkling optimism of interaction once more. Named after Juno in Roman mythology and Hera in Greek, the vibrant month of growth and rejuvenation was birthed directly from the goddesses with which this lunar chapter earned its name. In spirituality, June stands for joy, laughter, and excitement— fitting, as with the reemergence of social events, gatherings, getaways, and entertainment— the hurdles of the past year may, at last, start to feel like a distant dream.

Unique to each transitional span of time, every month has its own vibration, properties, meanings, and cycles. June marks the beginning of the summer solstice when the sunlight reaches its longest point in a single day. Here, energy integrates toward collectivity and compassion with June coming to symbolize balance and fertility. It is a time when the planets inch closer together to create subtle light energy— the result, a pooled reflection upon an already incandescent moon. Moonstone, with its lustrous blue, cream, and light pink shimmer, stands for new beginnings while personifying strength and inner growth. The gem encompasses a sense of motherly nurture, selflessness, happiness, good fortune, and success through business and love.

Buried within the oyster shell is June’s other birthstone: the illustrious pearl. Here, the tiny white or bluish-grey sphere beams within its own angelic sheen. The pearl is a symbol of perfection and incorruptibility as it renders a long life as well as fertile productivity. Due to its brilliant luster, the pearl is widely considered a moon symbol. Also found embedded deep inside clams, a pearl is known to represent hidden knowledge and strong femininity. They are considered unique because they don’t arise from the depths of the earth but from the depths of the sea. The ocean and moon are in constant consensus as they function together through wind and wave patterns; so, it’s only fitting that June’s birthstones enhance one another through a similar harmony.

Wearing moonstone and pearl this time of year is said to enhance not only their properties but to boost and amplify like properties within ourselves.  Just as June signifies new beginnings, it also embodies ending; that is, the passing of the first 6 months of the year marks the ending of a chapter. With this, many important questions are brought to mind; Did we accomplish much of what was hoped for at the beginning of the year? Did we achieve all we wanted to? Holistically, did we set aside time for rest and restoration? Did we allow ourselves to recenter, take pause, and give thanks for all that really matters? This month, celebrate June and her stones and take the time to give thanks for a happy, healthy, and successful first half of the year as well as a fruitful summer to come.

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