The Power of Moonstone in May

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The month of May is a magical time of year-- it encompasses spring in its full capacity, life in abundance from crops to harvests, and the emergence of animals after a long period of hibernation. It’s a time of fertility, rebirth, and rejuvenation. During this season of collective harmony, the sun enters a state otherwise known as the Vernal Equinox-- here, the planet finds itself in a perfect balance with the sun. As this brilliant light source comes to rest directly above the earth’s equator, day and night find themselves at an equal length. This marks a powerful phase as not only do elements align, but the passing of winter defines a celebration of reawakening. In other words, nature has resurged to stretch her tired legs, and just as the adage goes: spring has sprung.

The emphasis here is on balance and harmony, as crystal lovers and gem enthusiasts well know that the earth’s minerals can provoke certain properties within themselves and their environment. The power of a stone can elevate a person’s vibrations; it can enhance attributes, promote ethereal abilities, heal ailments and form strong bonds with nature and beyond. Moonstone is a popular ornament used during these warm spring months, as the illustrious stone aligns with everything this celestial time of the year has to stand for: balance, fertility, serenity, and cultivation. Originating in Sri Lanka, moonstone was aptly named due to its silky shimmer, as owners claim they can see the phases of the moon within the gem’s milky interior.

Moonstone can be found in hues of blues, creams, and pink, but typically come in a brilliant shining silver that flickers under a luminous façade. Like its namesake, moonstone has the unique ability to glow in the dark. This optical phenomenon-- known as adularescence-- gives the gem its extraordinary glow and subtle inner flicker. Most of a moonstone’s beauty is seen in the way the light moves across its surface much like moonlight would glide across a body of water. Ancient cultures coveted this brilliant mineral and associated the stone’s powers with the powers of the moon. They believed the precious stone was made from moonbeams and determined them most powerful at night. From marquis silver to tumbler stones, these pearly and opalescent schillers have different meanings in different parts of the world.

In India where moonstone resembles a nebulous light and blueish luster, they’re regarded as a holy and magical dream stone. If worn as a pendant the gem is said to bring the body beautiful visions during sleep. In turn, moonstone’s help to forge an emotional balance, curb confusion and protect against negative energies. In Arabic countries, women believe in the moonstones power of fertility and sew the tiny stones into their clothing. Moonstone is said to cultivate compassion and empathy, tap into one’s intuition as well as their inner psychic abilities, help the reproductive system, aid with childbirth or period pains and cramps. It is believed that the creative power of feminine energy is activated by moonstone because it enables tranquility, healing, and motherly protection.

As mentioned, moonstone is thought to balance emotions and is sometimes regarded as the ‘stone of women’ since receptive, passive, feminine energies have been evoked from within. Referring back to the spring equinox and the month of May, it is this time of year that worldly traditions celebrate liberation and life through holidays such as Passover, Easter, May Day, and Mother’s Day. During this time of commemoration signifying harmony and rebirth, moonstone gemstones can be worn to enhance such qualities of life. They can be worn as rings, pendants, used as garden stones, or as popular tools in Feng Shui due to their ability to balance and forge cohesion. This is the perfect time of the year to celebrate motherhood, the gift of life, of spring, of reawakening, and what better way to do so with moonstone-- a vibrant property known to bring all of these powers together.

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